Landshark Seltzer

Landshark Seltzer


A seltzer with bite! Keep cool in the sun with LandShark Seltzer, in three refreshing flavour combos made with real fruit juice and 90 calories or less per can. It’s sure to put some fizz on your fin. Fins up!

NEW Passionfruit Strawberry Seltzer

Light bright passionfruit aroma, with a satisfying tropical taste and subtle strawberry finish.

Pineapple Mango Seltzer

Hits of real mango and pineapple come together in this bubbly seltzer as refreshing as it is lighthearted.

Lemon LiMe Seltzer

Legendary sidekicks lemon and lime mix it up with sparkling seltzer in this timeless tonic tailor-made for chillin’ like a villain.